Wink Hartman campaign – Pompeo Wrong Candidate to Criticize Hartman’s Kansas Ties

Over the weekend, our political insider opponent launched the first negative attack of this campaign. Instead of focusing on the host of major issues facing our state – including the importance of keeping good-paying jobs right here in Kansas – Committeman Pompeo resorted to the exact Washington-style mud-slinging that voters have grown to hate.

I wanted to pass along an article that appeared on that points out not only the pettiness of this negative attack – it also discusses the inherent hypocrisy in Pompeo’s statements. Mike was born and raised in California and made stops in New York, Washington, D.C. and multiple other locations before we welcomed Mike to Kansas.

With record-deficits, surging unemployment and rising taxes, Kansas voters don’t want to hear these recycled political attacks – they want an honest discussion of the issues. That is exactly what our campaign has been focused on from day one and – despite these negative attacks from our political opponent – that’s exactly what we will continue to discuss.

Below are some key excerpts and also a link to the complete article. Thanks for your time, support and prayers and I look forward to celebrating victory on August 3rd!

Scott Paradise
Campaign Manager

“Republican Congressional candidate Mike Pompeo was raised in Santa Ana, California, went to college in New York, attended law school in Massachusetts, practiced law in Washington, D.C., and moved to Kansas less than 15 years ago. And that’s O.K.

That’s why I was surprised to read the Wichita Eagle headline on Sunday: “Mike Pompeo Questions Rival Wink Hartman’s Residential Ties to Kansas.” Of the three major candidates—Hartman, Pompeo and Schodorf, Pompeo has the weakest connection to the Sunflower State. He’s a California native.

Pompeo was raised in California, graduating from Los Amigos High School in Santa Ana. He graduated third in his high school class. His first trip East of the Mississippi River was when he enrolled at West Point Academy in New York…

But Wink Hartman’s family has been in the oil business in Kansas seemingly forever. Wink was born and raised in Kansas. Hartman has a branch office in Great Bend, and he has always kept a close eye on the candy jar.”

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