Tiahrt for Senate – Mythbuster # 3: Jerry Moran Claims to be a Consistent Conservative

Dear Supporter,

Another week and another myth surrounding Congressman Moran busted. This week we delve into the myth that Moran is a consistent conservative.

We set out with the Moran Mythbuster series to refute through careful analysis and meticulous documentation the numerous “myths” Congressman Moran has created to convince voters he is something he is not. Our first myth exposed Moran’s shocking record of raising taxes and the second his hypocritical claim that he opposes earmarks; and now we see that Congressman Moran is not a consistent conservative, he is really a reluctant Republican. Three myths examined and three myths busted.

The truth exposed by the Mythbusters may be uncomfortable for Congressman Moran, but under no circumstances do we make a claim we cannot back up. You can view the complete truth about Congressman Moran’s record and how the myth that he is a consistent conservative was busted, at www.ToddTiahrt.com.

In 2006, when the political winds appeared to favor the left, Congressman Moran was quoted as saying that the Nancy Pelosi/Democrat takeover of Congress “was a good thing.” And he told the Wichita Eagle that President Obama was “easier to work with than President Bush.” These are two very real examples that prove Congressman Moran is a Washington style politician who shifts his rhetoric with the political winds

Instead of standing firm and defending conservative principles when he felt the mood of the country had shifted to the left, Congressman Moran embraced an Obama victory and the Pelosi takeover of the House. Conservatives knew that day that Congressman Moran was NOT concerned with fighting for our conservative principles. Moran turned his back on conservatives to appease moderates in Washington; and now that he is running for the U.S. Senate, he is desperately trying to sound like a true conservative.

And the question remains: Does Congressman Moran still believe Speaker Pelosi is “a good thing” for our country and that President Obama is “easier to work with”?

Consistent conservative? Myth Busted.

The people of Kansas deserve a true leader – not someone who will shift with the political winds. This election is too important to our nation. We need a fighter in the U.S. Senate who is not afraid to stand on principle and is willing to embrace our shared conservative ideals of lower taxes and smaller more efficient government – not just when it is politically expedient.

Thank you for support. Stay tuned as we discover more about Congressman Moran.

Todd Tiahrt

P.S. We have released a new television ad about the real Congressman Moran. You can view it at www.ToddTiahrt.com.

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