Lightner for Congress – Change the Congress in 2010 Endorses Patricia Lightner

Media Release
June 15, 2010

Change the Congress in 2010 Endorses Patricia Lightner

Change the Congress in 2010, a Federal PAC, is endorsing Patricia Lightner for the United States Congress for the 3rd District of Kansas.

Here’s what Change the Congress in 2010 wants for Kansas 3rd District voters: An honest representative. A trustworthy person. A person with real experience in life. A person who lives and works and volunteers in her community – her community in Kansas. A person who cares about people. A person who has paid taxes. A person who has balanced a budget. A person who has created jobs – real jobs. A person who will put her God and her country above herself. A person who will not sell out to the lobbyists. Patricia Lightner is that person.

In 1998, Lightner started her political career running for an open seat in the Kansas Legislature. She ran for State Representative in the 29th District as an unknown Republican in Overland Park and won in an upset victory. She served three terms as a State Representative. Her mainstream conservative stance and voting record earned her the respect of her colleagues who elected her to Majority Whip her second term in office, (2000-2002). In her third term, she was appointed as the House Insurance Committee Chairman, (2002 -2004). Prior to the State Legislature, Patricia spent six years in the federal government. She started her work in the public sector employed as an enforcement attorney with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Lightner says, “As we look to 2010 and beyond, I believe it is essential to elect candidates who hold a core set of principles that guide their decision making and their approach to specific issues. Too many politicians today allow political winds and concerns determine their positions on issues, thinking that such a strategy is the sole pay to power and influence. As I embark on this campaign for Congress, I believe we must embrace our core Republican principles – fiscal responsibility, limited government, economic freedom, individual liberty, national security, and embracing a culture of life. These are principles that work and have stood the test of time when actually put into place – not only that, these are principles that most Americans support!” Since these principles are also those embraced by Change the Congress in 2010, we are proud to endorse Patricia Lightner for the United States Congress.

Our mission at Change the Congress in 2010 IS to change the Congress … our house has become riddled with liars and thieves and cowards, not serving us but rather themselves and not even their country. Join Change the Congress in 2010 and support Patricia Lightner.

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