Rasmussen: 70% Support Crackdown On Those Who Hire Illegal Immigrants

Seventy percent (70%) of U.S. voters favor strict government sanctions on employers who hire illegal immigrants, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Only 21% oppose such sanctions.

A year ago, 68% supported tough employer sanctions. Four years ago, when the Senate debate over immigration reform was at its height, 60% supported such sanctions.
Voters also are more strongly supportive of strict government sanctions on landlords who rent or sell property to illegal immigrants. Fifty percent (50%) now favor such sanctions, up from 48% last year and 44% in 2006.
Thirty-three percent (33%) oppose cracking down on landlords who rent or sell to illegal immigrants, and 17% more are undecided. Right now, 56% of voters think the policies of the federal government actually encourage illegal immigration.

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