Club for Growth: Bad Campaign Advice from Ed Rendell

From the Wall Street Journal:

Here’s how the 66-year-old Pennsylvania governor [Ed Rendell] would run his campaign in Rep. Sestak’s shoes: “Joe called me to touch base and asked what are the things he should be doing right now. I said, ‘Nothing different.’ Go out, hit those train stations and bus stations, just thank people. Don’t talk about the fall elections, just thank people. You won this because the people wanted you. Stay away from guys like me for a while. You’re the populist. You’re the guy who beat the establishment.

“Second thing: There’s one group that’s more unpopular than elected officials. Who’s that in the country today? Wall Street. Pat Toomey worked for Club for Growth. Who funds the Club for Growth? Wall Street. Club for Growth was born out of Bear Stearns. Kill him on it! Kill him on it! This is the candidate from Wall Street. Wall Street paid him X amount of money a year to be the president of Club for Growth. Club for Growth are the same guys who screwed you, cost you your mortgage, cost you your 401(k). Not unfair. Not unfair.”

It’s hard to make that argument when the facts speak otherwise.  While Toomey and the Club opposed bailing out Wall Street and forgiving the bad decisions that it made, it was Sestak who was voting for it.

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