NTU — Members of Congress Feel Entitled to a Raise

Tom Horne
April 28, 2010

As a quick addition to Jordan’s previous blog, it seems there are several members of Congress who disagree with us. Just last night, HR 5146 passed in the House to prevent a congressional pay raise for 2011. Astonishingly, there were 15 members who had the gall to vote against this. I’ve taken the liberty to list their names here (as well as their state’s current unemployment numbers).

Conyers (D, MI) – 15.3%
Kilpatrick (D, MI) – 15.3%
Lee (D, CA) – 12.23%
Woolsey (D, CA) – 12.23%
Clyburn (D, SC) – 11.6%
Watt (D, NC) – 10.85%
Payne (D, NJ) – 9.81%
Thompson (D, MS) – 9.47%
Towns (D, NY) – 8.92%
Meeks (D, NY) – 8.92%
Jackson (D, TX) – 8.17%
Johnson (D, TX) – 8.17%
Ellison (D, MN) – 7.34%
Edwards (D, MD) – 7.25%
Moran (D, VA) – 6.67%

Considering the double digit unemployment some of their constituents are facing, it takes one impressively sized ego to go back and ask for a payraise!

Sidenote: The numbering to the original bill NTU endorsed, HR 4255, was changed to HR 5146 before passing.

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