Tiahrt campaign on Club for Growth rankings: Todd Tiahrt – the proven fiscal conservative

We have some exciting news from the campaign trail. Yesterday, the fiscal conservative watchdog group Club for Growth released their 2009 Legislative Rankings. This group looks at key votes from the last legislative session and determines who the true fiscal conservatives are from each Congress. I am pleased to announce that Todd received a 90% ranking – again topping his opponent on a conservative scorecard.

Because of his truly fiscal conservative record, Todd has been named a “Defender of Economic Freedom” by the Club for Growth.

Designations like this are extremely important – they cut through the campaign rhetoric and show who the real conservative is in this race.

I also wanted to let you know that the Wall Street Journal yesterday highlighted this race as an example of a staunch conservative candidate like Todd Tiahrt taking on a moderate politician like Jerry Moran.

As Todd travels throughout the state it becomes clear that the momentum is on our side. However, we need the financial support of Kansans like you to keep the momentum going and deliver Todd’s message of conservative principles across this great state.

Thank you for your support. We are fighting to send a real conservative to the U.S. Senate. A conservative you can believe in. Please join us today.

Chuck Knapp

Campaign Manager, Kansans for Tiahrt.

P.S. Your Donation of $50, $100, $500 or even $ 1,000 will go directly to our fight for Conservative Values – please make your donation today.

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