Todd Tiahrt: Your taxes are too high already

I was disappointed when conservatives lost the fight this week in the Kansas Legislature to stop the largest tax increase in state history.

This comes at a time when we can least afford higher taxes. I have never seen higher taxes as the solution – and that is why I have never voted for a tax increase – not once.

Unfortunately, Jerry Moran’s record on taxes indicates he agrees with the D.C. liberals that your taxes are not high enough.

On the federal level, liberals would have us believe the only way to reduce the staggering deficit that they created is to raise taxes. This is not only incorrect – it is dishonest. Our problem is not that taxes are too low; it’s that taxes are too high.

Throughout my legislative career I have never voted for a tax increase. Never, not a single time. And you have my word that I will continue to oppose tax increases and support tax cuts in the U.S. Senate.

Jerry Moran cannot make this claim. My opponent’s record on raising your taxes is astounding. Jerry Moran has voted no less than 12 times to raise your taxes. In 2003, he was one of only 12 other Republicans to oppose the Republican $726 billion tax relief package. This bill cut taxes across the board, expanded the 2001 tax cuts and even increased the child tax credits.

Just this past year, with our economy in dire straits, Congressman Moran voted twice to raise taxes on Americans. Kansans have come to expect Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and Barney Frank to hike our taxes, but not from someone who now tries to carry the banner of the conservative movement.

While in the Kansas state legislature, my opponent also voted numerous times to raise your taxes. He even sponsored legislation to raise income taxes in Kansas by roughly $86 million and sales taxes by $51 million.

With our economy at a crossroads, and so many Americans looking for work – this is the worst time to raise taxes. The people of Kansas deserve a leader who will fight against any new taxes – not someone who will help push them through.

Please visit to learn more about my opposition to tax increases and Jerry Moran’s record of support for higher taxes.

I am proud of my strong record fighting for lower taxes, and I will continue that fight in the U.S. Senate.

Thank you for your support.

Todd Tiahrt

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