Moran campaign — Jerry Moran Continues to Build Momentum

As Jerry continues to discuss his record of supporting lower spending and smaller government across the state, more and more Kansans are throwing their support behind his campaign.

The newest poll on the Kansas Senate race, released today, shows Jerry’s lead is continuing to grow, as support and momentum builds. You can read about the Rasmussen poll here.

That lead is growing because of support like yours. From townhalls to Meet & Greets and more, Jerry’s getting rave reviews all across the state for his strong record that reflect his Kansas values. You can click here to read about the overwhelming support Jerry received at Kansas’ largest agriculture show last week.

With out of control Washington spending rampant and $12 trillion in debt, Kansans need Jerry Moran in the Senate more than ever. Jerry has always and will continue to be a strong conservative advocate in the Senate, like standing up for a strict constructionist as our next Supreme Court Justice.

Just this week, the Congressional Budget Office admitted that the Obama healthcare plan will cost $115 billion more than expected, which simply confirms what Jerry Moran has been saying all along: Not only is this bad policy but it costs too much, taxes too much and heaps on too much debt.

That’s why Jerry was the first Member of Congress to introduce a bill to repeal the Obama Healthcare plan.

With your continued support, Kansas will have one of their own in the U.S. Senate – a strong advocate for common sense Kansas values and principles. Click the buttons below to show your continued support.
Yours Truly,

Dan Conston

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