4th District Wink Hartman campaign: Hartman Campaign Launches New Ad

Yesterday we began running a new ad entitled ‘Willing and Able’ on television stations throughout the 4th District. I believe that this ad sums up the tangible levels of frustration from voters that Wink has felt as he’s traveled throughout the District.

We are aggressively taking our message to the voters – both on the ground with targeted precinct walks, on the phones with volunteer phone-banking and on the airwaves with television advertisements, such as the one below.

Please take a moment to view the following advertisement:

Click here to view the advertisement

With less than three months remaining before 4th District Republicans head to the polls to select their Party’s nominee, we are working hard to ensure that Kansans will have a businessman – not a political insider – representing them in Washington. We are in great shape right now but we need your help to continue this fight!

If you like the above advertisement would you consider making a financial contribution to help us keep the ad on television? A contribution of only 25 dollars can ‘sponsor’ a commercial and would be greatly appreciated.

We also need additional volunteers to take Wink’s message directly to the voters – would you be willing to volunteer for the campaign, either in the campaign headquarters or at events such as parades and festivals? If you can spare a few hours, it would be a huge help!

Finally, I want to thank you for the incredible amount of help we’ve received thus far. It’s truly been humbling to see so many folks give their time and financial resources in support of Wink’s Campaign. With a focused effort over the coming weeks we will enjoy victory on August 3rd!

Scott Paradise
Campaign Manager

P.S. – Yard signs have arrived and are assembled at Campaign Headquarters (511 E. Douglas, Wichita, KS). If you have time, stop in and grab a sign to help spread the word about Wink’s Campaign!

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