Rush Limbaugh: Timing of SEC’s Goldman Sachs Fraud Case Was No Coincidence


RUSH: I played golf yesterday afternoon with some guys that are for all intents and purposes Wall Street guys. They don’t live on Wall Street or work there but they’re in the financial business. And they said, “Rush, a dirty little secret, this debt’s never going to get paid down. It’s gotten to the point where everybody knows we can’t pay it down. There’s no way to pay this debt down.” There’s no way California is going to retire its debt. There’s no way California is going to make up for the unfunded or underfunded pensions, and one of the reasons is it’s precisely because it’s so big. It’s gotten so big on purpose there’s not even a pretense of paying it down. The only thing that has to happen is for leaders to appear responsible in managing it. And they said, “Rush, how do you appear responsible in managing debt? You do it by raising taxes.” This will get the approval of leftists around the world, other governmental leaders, the ChiComs and others, people who hold our debt, they’ll be happy when they see we’re trying to manage it and deal with it, after they’ve run it up to the point of stealing the wealth of future generations three and four generations down the road.

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