Kansas Sovereignty Coalition — Kris Kobach Advocates Amendment

As soon as President Obama signs the health care bill into law today, the Attorney
Generals from Virginia and South Carolina will both file law suits protecting the
people of their States by challenging the federal government's overreaching action.
These states are able to take this stand because their state legislatures had previously
taken appropriate measures to do so.
Other States ready to join the suit include Alabama, North Dakota, Nebraska, Pennsylvania,
South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Washington.
Kansas needs to be included in this list. The people of Kansas want the right to
 vote on a constitutional amendment. Notwithstanding your personal position, you
 have a duty to represent what a majority of the people want.

Please watch by clicking the link below, as Kris Kobach discusses why Kansas needs
HCR-5032 to be a constitutional amendment:
Click Here [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103223080738&s=42&e=001LBOL9TlSGr1PgZxVSOkrINBcKmbSRLsPmEOJffqLknqsn_MONA_KkyyxEiLHf0M0lvLKczPyhH77lfESGXPYvbxH1hnqTRq80XLOnX8jFrnF0S8ZPMd-bcKGxW1w5w6O-moxnQDlxozikd_z9cKXYTPYJ9P_oQ9nnM7ILWGm3F4=]

Voting yes today for HCR-5032 simply gives the people the right to decide for ourselves.
There will be plenty of time for further debate and fact finding before the matter
is to be placed on the ballot.
Today however, you must vote to advance this bill for this happen! Today you must
vote to advance liberty! Voting no will simply be a vote to limit liberty.
So today it is your choice and your vote. But it will soon be our choice and our
Make the choice that gives usthe right to choose!

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