Editorial — Take our poll. Do Kansas politicians deserve to be recalled for wasting tax dollars on lobbying during an economic crisis?

As just one example, let’s look at the City of Overland Park.  Overland Park city councilmen:
  • Pay themselves thousands of dollars a year in salaries,
  • Pay at least one lobbyist to regularly go to Topeka to lobby,
  • Additionally, pay tens of thousands of dollars to another anti-taxpayer group called the League of Kansas Municipalities, who have their own lobbyists,
  • Ask their lobbyists to fight against the interests of Overland Park citizens — against property rights and for higher taxes.
  • All the while, the councilmen themselves are typically either too lazy or cowardly to drive to Topeka to testify in front of a committee on behalf of legislation.
  • And right now, America is in the middle of one of the worst economic crises in American history.
Do these types of politicians deserve to be recalled?  To see the results, please vote “Yes” or “No.”

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Do politicians deserve to be recalled if: In a bad economy, they approve of tens or hundreds of thousands of tax dollars for Topeka lobbyists?


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