Analysis: Steve Kraske ignores major candidates, in his article about “A group called The Hope for America Coalition”

In both the headline and the body of an article on the KC Star Prime Buzz, Steve Kraske mentions two moderate Republican candidates — pro-life, fiscal moderate Nick Jordan and pro-choice moderate Kevin Yoder — who will appear at a forum sponsored by Hope for America Coalition.

It has long been clear that either Jordan or Yoder are the preferred choices of a small group of establishment, out of touch Republican leaders, and while either may yet win the Republican primary in August 2010, a victory is far from certain.  Jordan suffers from under-performance in a self-released poll, that shows him “leading” with a mere 27% of the vote, despite spending over $1 million less than two years ago against Democrat Dennis Moore.  Only three candidates — former Rep. Patricia Lightner, John Rysavy, and Daniel Gilyeat — entered the race prior to Dennis Moore’s decision to not run for re-election.  Jordan and Yoder waited until Moore drop out.

Kraske continues to do a disservice to both The Star and 3rd District voters by oddly ignoring candidates who have not been pre-approved by the moderate and liberal Republicans who at most represent 40% of the party’s voters.

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