Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook on State Sovereignty: House Judiciary Committee hearing this week

SCR 1615, the state sovereignty resolution, will have a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee this Thursday, Feb. 25 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., room 143-N.

House Judiciary Committee members

Hearings are held so citizens and lobbyists have the opportunity to testify. At a later time, the committee votes on the bill and it is sent to the full Senate with a report on committee action.  Usually the bill is not voted on in committee the same day the bill is heard. The public can attend any of the meetings.

The House Judiciary Chairman is Rep. Lance Kinzer. To testify at a hearing, you should contact the committee secretary.  In this case, the House Judiciary Committee phone number is (785) 296-5805.

You will need to find out:

  • the time limitations
  • the number of copies of testimony to provide
  • other guidelines

If you know of others testifying on this bill, try to coordinate testimony prior to the hearing to avoid duplication.

Seating will be limited, but due to the sound system, you might be able to hear the testimony in the outside hallway.

You will be asked to register at the door. If there is not time for all interested parties to be heard, you may submit written testimony.

If you decide to testify:

  • Begin your testimony by addressing the chair and committee members. Introduce yourself, declare who you represent, and state if you are a proponent or opponent of the measure.
  • Be courteous in your language and address.
  • Be brief–do not repeat what others have said.
  • Try not to be nervous–most hearings are informal. There may be questions from the committee members.
  • There is to be no clapping, booing, cheering or disruption of any hearing.
  • There may be no decision made by the committee on the day of the hearing. Continue to watch the Committee Agenda in the Calendar for final action on the bill.

Here is a summary of the Senate’s action:

State Sovereignty Resolution Senate Votes

The link above will take you to a page that not only has the votes and the explanations of votes, but also contains a link to the official resolution with the latest amendments and a link to the official Senate Journal.

The Democrats are highlighted in yellow so it’s easy to see the party differences.  A story is also appended below.

Thank you to every one of you who are able to attend and support this legislation.

In honor of your liberty,

Mary Pilcher Cook

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