Huelskamp for Congress — Protecting Kansas’ Sovereignty

Everywhere I go – from Liberal to Bird City or Ulysses to Junction City to Emporia – Kansans from all walks of life tell me that Washington has overstepped their boundaries.  And the insider politicians and bureaucrats are making our way of life in Western Kansas more and more difficult. Just think of a few of the recent examples from last year:

  • Attempting to mandate a government-approved healthcare system for every American.
  • An ultra-radical EPA decision that paves the way for excessive taxation and regulation of carbon-based fuels
  • Liberal Congressmen pushing to take away our right-to-work status and the secret ballot

And that’s just the beginning.
For far too long, too many conservatives in Washington have been content to play defense and try to stop destructive liberal policies. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. Even if we stop 95% of the liberal’s advances, they still win a slow war of attrition and our liberties are gradually eroded away.
That is why we have to go on offense. Last week, the Kansas Senate overwhelmingly passed a resolution that I co-sponsored called the Kansas Sovereignty Resolution. This resolution claims state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment to our U.S. Constitution and sends a strong wake-up call to Washington that we will not stand for this kind of overreach. That means Kansas solutions for Kansas problems. The vote in the Senate was 33-7 and the resolution is expected to pass the House soon.
Volunteers Needed!
It takes a lot of resources and people to run an effective campaign. If you are interested in volunteering in your local area, please send us a quick email at Volunteering can be as simple as making a few phone calls, passing out flyers at an event, or asking your friends to display a bumper sticker or yard sign!
Website Updates
We’ve revamped out homepage,, to better incorporate social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr. We’ve also added an action center where you can get plugged into the excitement happening in our campaign.
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P.S. We now have Huelskamp for Congress bumper stickers available! If you want one, send us an email at with your address!

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