Rubio for Senate — Rubio Rocks The House

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us yesterday at such an exciting event!  Marco’s keynote speech at CPAC was not only inspirational, but a proud moment for all of us who are working on his behalf to elect him Florida’s next U.S. Senator.  

We are not the only ones who thought Marco rocked.  Check out the speech for yourself and see why he’s getting such rave reviews for his impassioned speech standing up for our conservative principles.  You can also watch Senator Jim DeMint’s introduction here.

In Case You Missed It

Team Rubio launched an online video series on Monday, “Marco In His Own Words.”  Marco wants you to know who he is, why he’s running and what he believes.  We’ve already released two videos in the series. If you haven’t already, watch “My Background” and “My Parents” on his website.

CPAC: What They Are Saying

Marco Rubio speech at CPAC conference brings conservatives to their feet
“an impassioned defense of American exceptionalism”

“Receiving a thunderous applause, Rubio blasted the Obama administration’s decision to try some of the suspects linked to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in civilian court.”

Rubio vows to fight ‘every step of the way’ for conservative causes
“Rubio vowed to fight big government and “radical Islamic terrorists” while promising to lower the tax rate and prevent the United States from becoming a “submissive member of the international community.”

Rubio, Armey excite conservatives at conference
“He may not be a household name across the USA, but Marco Rubio was the hero of the morning at CPAC.”

Senate hopeful Rubio rises from unknown to darling
“Rubio received several standing ovations from more than 3,000 people gathered for the American Conservative Union Foundation’s Conservative Political Action Conference as he criticized the country’s Democratic leadership and called for more policies that benefit free enterprise.”

In DC debut, Florida’s Rubio wows conservatives — CPAC shouts ‘amen’ to calls for less government
“He is already a giant slayer, a favorite of Tea Party activists, the guy who has toppled Florida Gov. Charlie Crist from his front-runner perch in the Republican primary for Senate. Thursday, in his debut on the national stage, Marco Rubio showed why. Turns out it wasn’t just that infamous photograph of Crist embracing President Obama and his $787-billion stimulus bill a year ago. At the Conservative Political Action Conference, the 38-year-old son of Cuban immigrants attacked Obama’s fiscal and foreign policies, drawing repeated standing ovations and shouts of “amen” from a crowd hungry for new conservative leadership.”

Washington Post: Marco Rubio hands out the red meat
“How big a deal was Marco Rubio’s speech to CPAC Thursday? If you are asking, as former president George W. Bush did jokingly the other day, “Who the hell is Marco Rubio?” you probably won’t be for long.”

Rubio delivers a bracing call to arms
“…brought attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference to their feet when he declared: “The U.S. Senate has one Arlen Spector too many.” His opening speech was a bracing call-to-arms to conservatives and a sharp rebuke to the Obama administration, charging the president with “not trying to fix America, but trying to change America.”

A ‘Friendly Crowd’ for Marco Rubio
“But Rubio’s humor wasn’t the real highlight. It was his tough rhetoric on national security that electrified the attendees.”

Marco Rubio cheers ‘political pushback’
“Rubio, using the keynote speech kicking off the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, heralded the “greatest political pushback in American political history.”

Rubio Speech Draws Standing Ovations at CPAC
“…brought the house down with a powerful speech on American exceptionalism before thousands of conservatives”

Rubio: 2010 ‘referendum on the very identity of our nation’
“…opened the annual Conservative Political Action Conference with a series of harsh attacks on the Obama administration and a familiar-sounding ode to smaller government”

Here comes Rubio: Rising star, Crist challenger rallies the right
“The star of CPAC continued his rise in the Republican Party on Thursday with a story about his American Dream.”

American Spectator: Rubio Touts American Exceptionalism
“Rubio framed the issue around his own life story as the son of immigrants from Cuba who came to America with “no English, no money, and no friends.”  He recalled that an early age, he would sit on the porch with his grandfather, who instilled in him the idea that he was privileged to grow up in a country where anything was possible through hard work.”

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