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Moran Welcomes Fellow Border Enforcement Advocate to Kansas
Former Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO), a leading border enforcement advocate, will be the featured speaker at the Leavenworth County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner this Saturday, Feb. 20. Tancredo is expected to discuss a wide ranging spectrum of issues, including border security, immigration enforcement and other national security matters.

Jerry Moran, the leading fiscal and immigration enforcement conservative in the Kansas race for U.S. Senate, welcomes his longtime colleague to Kansas. “I look forward to hearing Tom’s discussion on border security and immigration enforcement” Moran said.

Tancredo cited Moran’s leadership on border and national security issues as reason for his endorsement. Moran opposes any legislation to create an amnesty program rewarding illegal aliens, and opposes the DREAM Act sponsored by his opponent, which would reward those crossing our borders illegally with a variety of benefits and incentives.

Moran has also been an active sponsor of legislation reinforcing the Border Patrol with 8,000 new agents to help secure our borders, and requiring all employers to verify the legal status of workers.

“I am proud to have served with Congressman Tancredo as we worked to tackle these vital security issues,” Moran said. “Too many in Congress are set to reward law breakers with benefits, driver’s licenses, and incentives, as well as to leave our nation vulnerable by maintaining porous borders in some misguided nod to political correctness.”

Jerry Moran is the only candidate in the Kansas U.S. Senate race with a proven, consistent, record of opposing amnesty and benefits for illegal aliens. To read about Moran’s efforts on immigration reform, click here.

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