Kris Kobach on ‘Why I’m Helping Sheriff Joe,’ in reply to latest attack by The Star’s liberal columnist Mary Sanchez

Why I’m Helping Sheriff Joe

On February 11, Mary Sanchez wrote (yet another) column criticizing my efforts to reduce illegal immigration. Castigating Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, Sanchez asks what I was doing standing beside him at a press conference recently.

I have been assisting Sheriff Joe by providing legal counsel and training to his deputies.

Let’s look at the facts.  Sheriff Joe’s deputies have done extraordinary work.  Since the Summer of 2007, they’ve identified and/or arrested 37,000 illegal aliens.  They’ve also stopped dozens of alien smugglers attempting to bring unauthorized workers to the Midwest.  They have done so while strictly avoid racial profiling.

Under the Bush Administration, ICE praised this cooperative relationship between ICE and Maricopa County.  However, when the Obama Administration took over, everything changed.  In 2009, the Administration radically scaled back the enforcement of our immigration laws and the scope of ICE operations.

Undaunted, Sheriff Joe decided to do what he could, within the law, to continue assisting the federal government in doing its job.

Why am I helping Sheriff Joe?  Because he believes that our nation’s immigration laws ought to be enforced, and he cares enough to ensure that his deputies scrupulously observe the limits of their authority.  If only we had more Sheriffs like him.

Kris Kobach

Professor of Law, UMKC.

Candidate for Kansas secretary of state.

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