KFL — Victory for Free Speech in KS Senate!


February 19, 2010

Late today, pro-lifers sunk A.G. Six’s Robo-Call Privacy Act (SB 456) by a final vote of 13-27 in the Senate. The bill would have restricted the use of auto-dial calls by non-profit groups, including Kansans for Life.

This is a big win, especially since A.G. Six put out a big press push yesterday (it is now removed from his website).

Kansans for Life opposed the bill, warning that the bill exempted arbitrary entities and hampered free speech. Kansas already has a Do-Not-Call law, which applies to unwanted business calls.

Sen Terry Bruce (R-Hutchinson) carried the opposition to SB 456, and warned that it violated Constitutionally-protected free speech with severe financial penalties.

Sen. Karin Brownlee (R-Olathe) and Dick Kelsey (R-Goddard) warned about the chilling effect the bill would have on various charities.

Before the vote, Sen. Tim Huelskamp (R-Fowler) secured an amendment to exempt political speech, which is really the target of such bills.

Senators who voted to protect free speech with the Huelskamp amendment (all are Republicans): Steve Abrams, Pat Apple, Jim Barnett, Karin Brownlee, Terry Bruce, Jeff Colyer, Les Donovan, Tim Huelskamp, Dick Kelsey, Julia Lynn, Bob Marshall, Ty Masterson, Carolyn McGinn, Ralph Ostmeyer, Mike Peterson, Mary Pilcher-Cook, Dennis Pyle, Jean Schodorf, Mark Taddiken, Susan Wagle.

We appreciate the actions of all those who contacted their senators about this bill!

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