Kansas Sovereignty Coalition — SCR 1626 Action Update

Yesterday, the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee voted to pass SCR-1626
out of committee. Per Senate rules – a role call vote is not taken, therefore no
voting record is made unless a committee-member specifically request their vote
be on record. We therefore report unofficially, there were 6 “yes” votes passing
the measure out of committee. While Democrat, David Haley requested his “no” vote
be recorded, it also appeared that Democrat, Laura Kelly and REPUBLICAN, Terrie
Huntington, both voted “no” as well.

Prior to the committee meeting, I went to Senator Vicki Schmidt’s office and discussed
with her concerns she has with the proposed amendment. During the discussion, Senator
Schmidt indicated that many people had contacted her. It seems yesterday’s outcome
was certainly due in part to Senator Schmidt hearing our collective voice that helped
influence her to vote and move the bill out of committee. I hope everyone considers
sending Senator Schmidt a follow up email at; vicki.schmidt@me.com [mailto:vicki.schmidt@me.com]
to thank her for the support she gave SCR-1626.

While we count yesterday’s vote a success, we saw other action indicating how much
work we have ahead of us! Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook withdrew her motion for the
bill to be passed with a “favorable” recommendation and then made a new motion to
have it passed “without recommendation”. This neutral endorsement apparently provided
the needed support from those committee-members hesitating to vote the Health Care
Freedom Amendment out of committee favorably.

I know this update has now gone into information overload but please watch for additional
alerts coming soon. I am waiting confirmation from Representative Landwehr, Chair
of the Health and Human Services Committee, regarding the date and time of the House
committee meeting likely to be scheduled for sometime next week. On the Senate side,
SCR-1626 now moves to the Judiciary Committee where it will face a steep challenge.
It will be vital for us to have as many people in attendance at both of these next
meetings as possible in order to demonstrate that citizen support is not wavering
and remains strong. We must keep the momentum going if the passage of this bill
is going to happen!

To read the proposed Health Care Freedom Amendment, go to the Kansas Sovereignty
Coalition website at:


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