Huelskamp Receives Board Preference from Kansas Republican Assembly

Huelskamp Receives Board Preference from Kansas Republican Assembly

February 9, 2010
CONTACT: David Ray: Office: 620-227-9807 Cell: 901-288-4300

DODGE CITY – Tim Huelskamp, Republican candidate for Congress in the First District, announced today that he received a Board Preference from the Kansas Republican Assembly (KRA).

“This extraordinary high threshold isn’t reached very often, but in these two races the KRA Board vote was overwhelming in its support of these candidates because of their character, leadership, proven track records and stands on the issues facing our state and nation,” said KRA Executive Director Charlotte Esau.

The Kansas Republican Assembly is a statewide organization working within the Republican Party to build a powerful, enduring coalition of economic and social conservatives. A Board Preference means that 4/5ths of the KRA Executive Board have thrown their support to a particular candidate. Tim Huelskamp was the only candidate for Congress in the entire state to receive a Board Preference.

Huelskamp campaign manager David Ray said “This is an extremely important recognition for Sen. Huelskamp. First, it shows that the conservative Republican activists in Kansas are solidly behind his candidacy. Also, it continues to build on Tim’s momentum from dozens of solidly conservative endorsements like Gov. Mike Huckabee, The Club for Growth, and Kansans for Life.”


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