Tim Phillips — The Washington Democrat Plan: No limits on debt, spending, or arrogance

he toughest part of fighting back against big-government liberals these days is to keep up with all the reckless choices they make with our money and freedom.

You might have noticed, for instance, that Senate Democrats just voted to raise the federal “debt ceiling” – the maximum amount Washington politicians can borrow on the backs of our children and grandchildren – by an eye-popping $1.9 TrillionLet’s just hope and pray that  Obama does not know what comes after a trillion.

That’s the largest national debt increase in American history – and it paves the way for yet another wild Washington spending spree our kids and grandkids will have to pay for.

Our friend Steve Moore, a FOX News contributor and Wall Street Journal editorialist, recently pointed out that at his current rate of spending, President Obama will pile up more national debt in just his first 3 years than every other president combined.

You and I know that this massive big government spending threatens our prosperity and kills innovation and private sector job creation.  In future years, my four children and yours will see their taxes used to pay for this big spending.

Sadly, it’s already here.  This past December, the interest alone on our current national debt cost $100 billion.  Here’s the point.  We know the threat of this massive spending, but many of our fellow Americans do not.  We’ve got to educate them on the dangers of the Obama spend-a-thon.  We’ve got to tell them about the proposed $3.8-trillion Obama budget filled with a deficit of at least $1.6 trillion.  We’ve got to get more of our fellow Americans involved in the fight for America’s future.

It’s critical that Americans for Prosperity keeps up our aggressive efforts to get these facts out and tell Americans the truth about the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda – and that we keep giving common-sense Americans a way to fight back and make a difference.

So, I’m asking you to contribute financially today to our Obama Debt Watch effort – an aggressive, integrated online and grassroots tool to get the facts out to our fellow Americans. CLICK HERE

We’ve got to make sure every American knows and understands why all the spending in Washington – and all the debt being piled up right now – is such a dangerous threat to our economic freedoms.  While continuing to make sure they don’t bring back the health care takeover, and while launching another aggressive effort in 2010 to stop the radical environmental agenda, AFP must take the fight to the big-government side on their massive spending spree. The debt they are piling up will kill our economy in years to come.

But, we need your help to launch this new Obama Debt Watch effort.

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