Patricia Lightner for Congress — It’s Time to Fight

They say the more things change, the more they stay the same.
In the past year since President Obama was inaugurated, we’ve seen millions of Americans join the conservative movement — rallying at tea parties, speaking up at town halls, starting grassroots organizations, and when elections approach, getting involved on behalf of genuinely conservative candidates who, just two years ago, were told they had no chance of winning.

From Virginia to New Jersey to New York to Massachusetts, this collective effort of like-minded, liberty-loving, freedom-embracing Americans has redefined the word grassroots, setting aside establishment candidates and conventional wisdom in the matter of weeks, not months. This is why our opponents – in both parties – are confounded on just how to handle us.

A love of competition and a demand for free markets is taking shape right here in Kansas’ Third Congressional District. The retirement of Congressman Dennis Moore (D, Lenexa ) has unleashed a slew of a candidates and a feeling of optimism that fiscal sanity may be returned to the Congress. Yet, despite these historic election results and ample evidence against conventional insider wisdom, the media stories and political establishment will still focus on how much money a couple of candidates have as of December 31, 2009. Some speculate that the “party heavies” will even try to “clear the field”.

For any “heavies” who might call me, let me save you some minutes – the only people who should clear the field will be the voters of the 3rd District.

The last time I checked, the election is not for six months – and the days of party bosses, political insiders, and media bloggers deciding elections in advance are in the past – just ask Martha Coakley in Massachusetts or even Dede Scozzafava in NY-23 about that.

When I started talking to voters in June at the Olathe Straw Poll and entered the race in late August, I did so not because I wanted to be something – but because I wanted to do something.

I entered the race then because I believed it was time to fight Dennis Moore issue by issue – on cap and tax, on card check, on ObamaCare, and on his awful pro-abortion record. It was a rather thin field back then – most of my opponents were too scared to challenge Moore openly.

Since his retirement, these profiles in courage have been jumping into the race one after another, all-too-eager to pass up a once-in-a-political-career opportunity to run in an open seat. Yet, oddly, despite having been in the race for weeks, they are no more outspoken about their beliefs now than when they weren’t running. Despite having time to raise thousands behind the scenes, a couple of my opponents have yet to say virtually anything about what they believe, who they are, or what their core philosophy is.

To them, it’s about quarterly reports, “signals” to potential donors, and backroom deal-making – with some party leaders even saying they’d like to avoid having a contested primary at all. Yes, if some had their way, we’d basically skip the election.

That, my fellow conservatives, is the definition of establishment.

I, on the other hand, think it’s time to fight. If there is one thing that President Obama made clear in his State of the Union lecture last week, it is that he is not going to let up in his fight to pass extreme environmental policies, hike taxes, “invest” trillions in new spending, enact a government takeover of private medicine, take away free speech, and impose social experiments on our nation’s armed forces.

As a conservative and an American, I believe it’s time to fight for our beliefs and our principles.

It’s time to fight to protect taxpayers. Tax increases of any kind are not the answer at anytime, particularly diuring a recession. I am proud to have signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

It’s time to fight for health care freedom and pass real reform based on the free market and increased competition, not mandates and government takeovers. I strongly support the Kansas Health Care Freedom Amendment.

It’s time to fight against ObamaCare, and that means repealing it should it pass. As of today, I am the only candidate to sign the Club for Growth Repeal It! Pledge.

It’s time to fight to uphold a limited federal government under the Tenth Amendment. I strongly support Mary Pilcher Cook’s resolution to uphold Kansas State Sovereignty.

It’s time to fight environmental extremism.
We must reject attempts to impose government controls or taxes based on heavily disputed theories regarding climate change. I’m proud to have signed the AFP No Climate Tax Pledge.

It’s time to fight for a culture of life. I believe life must be protected from conception to natural death and have written about our need to rally for life.

It’s time to fight to uphold the sanctity of marriage. One of my opponents voted against placing the Kansas Marriage Amendment on the ballot, despite 70% of Kansans supporting it.1

It’s time to fight to protect private property rights. One of my opponents, while in the State Senate, voted to allow government to keep abusing eminent domain powers, even after the infamous Kelo decision.2

It’s time to fight against social experiments with our armed forces. Our military is waging war against terrorists, Mr. President – repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” should be not be a priority – not now, not ever.

It’s time to fight against domestic trials for terrorists. I have written about how Obama’s focus is off in the War on Terror, and how we need to keep our eye on the ball.

It’s time to fight for our country, and we must do our part here in the 3rd District of Kansas.

If you’re a member of a Tea Party, part of the 9/12 movement, TeamSarah, SmartGirlPolitics, or are just a concerned American, no matter your party – Republican, Independent, or open-minded Democrat, I encourage you to support my campaign.

There are three distinct ways you can help:

Contribute. Though money is not my focus, I’ll need $400,000 to compete in this election – and with your help, we will get there. If you can contribute the legal maximum of $2,400 per person, I’d definitely appreciate it. If you can give $24, I appreciate that just as much. Just give what you can give – it all adds up, it all matters.

Become a Patricia Lightner Precinct Captain
. In order to win this election, we cannot simply sit back and count our dollars and fire off mailers – we must have the courage to go door to door and communicate our conservative message in each precinct in this district. Ever precinct we hit and every voter we talk to is important. It all adds up, it all matters.

Spread the Word. Join my e-mail list or find me on Facebook. Encourage your friends to join as well. Place a bumper sticker on your car. Put a sign in your yard. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, and tell them who you support for Congress. Again, it all adds up, it all matters.

Through these combined efforts, we will win the primary and the general election, and you will have a conservative fighter representing you in Congress. With less than six months until voting begins, our work must start today. I would be honored and humbled to have your support.

As an American with Italian roots, I will close with the famous line from The Godfather: Let’s go to the mattresses. For liberty, for freedom, and for our country.

Patricia Lightner
Republican for Congress

1SCR 1601, 2005 Legislative Session
2 Sub SB 323, 2006 Legislative Session

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