JR Claeys for Secretary of State: Can Elizabeth Ensley be Trusted to Protect our Votes?


Can Elizabeth Ensley be Trusted to Protect our Votes?


Contact: Christian Morgan

Phone: (816) 407-1222

Date: February 5, 2010

Salina, Kans. – Elizabeth Ensley, Shawnee County Elections Commissioner, declared her candidacy to be Kansas’ next Secretary of State last month. Among other obligations, the next Secretary of State will be tasked with supervising Kansas’ elections and preventing voter fraud.

Ensley has touted her experience in the election office as justification for her campaign. A closer examination of Ensley’s track-record as Shawnee County Elections Commissioner, however, paints a very different story.

During November of 2008, Kansas voters went to the polls to vote for their next President and U.S. Senator, among many other offices. Elizabeth Ensley’s office managed to misplace fourteen ballots – in the trunk of an election worker’s car. Ensley acknowledged the mistake and admitted that it should not have happened. (http://cjonline.com/stories/112508/loc_359489235.shtml)

“The fact that there were ballots from Kansas voters driving around Shawnee County in the trunk of an election worker’s car is frightening to say the least,” Christian Morgan said. “If Elizabeth Ensley was not even able to properly manage one single county, how can Kansas voters trust her to run elections for the entire state?”

Unfortunately, this was neither the first nor the last instance of negligence under Ensley’s watch. During the 2008 Republican Primary – only three months before the ‘trunk ballot’ incident – Ensley’s office failed to accurately count more than 4,000 ballots, leaving results of the U.S. Congressional election in doubt.

“Elizabeth Ensley’s office has consistently mismanaged Shawnee County elections,” Christian Morgan said. “With that in mind, I believe Elizabeth Ensley should get her own office in order before asking for a promotion.”


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