Arlen Specter Refunds $850,000 to 900 Republican Donors

The Club for Growth has more:

WASHINGTON – According to news reports, U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) was forced to refund $600,000 in campaign contributions during the fourth quarter of 2009, following a mailing from the Club for Growth PAC to Specter’s donors notifying them of his refund policy.

“I don’t think Senator Specter’s party switch is going exactly as he planned,” Club President Chris Chocola said. “This refund campaign has proven more successful than we could have hoped, blowing a $600,000 hole in Arlen Specter’s campaign, and we thank all the citizens who followed through on their refund requests who made it a success. Hopefully, this will send a message to all Washington politicians – there is a price to pay for putting your career ahead of your constituents.”

Chocola also noted that Specter would miss the money more than most candidates, as the political winds continue to turn against liberal Washington insiders like Specter. “Both the news of campaign finance report and polls show that Pennsylvanians are tiring of Arlen Specter’s self-serving style and big-government policies,” Chocola said. “Voters are looking for principled leadership, and in the Pennsylvania Senate race, they are finding it in Pat Toomey.”

In August, Club for Growth PAC received permission from the FEC to contact Specter’s contributors, notifying them of Specter’s promise to refund money contributed prior to his party switch. In late September, the PAC’s mailing went out to thousands of Specter contributors, including a pre-printed refund request letter along with instructions on how to request a refund.

News of the refund total was reported yesterday in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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