Kraske — Tiahrt to Moran: Attacking my family is “out of bounds”

Moran and his family continued to live in Hays, with Moran flying home virtually every weekend.

Tiahrt said he flew out to Kansas most weekends, too.

A Moran spokesman said his candidate was not criticizing Tiahrt’s family, but was questioning his rival.

“I don’t think Moran is attacking his family,” Moran spokeman Dan Lara said

Tiahrt said the Virginia move enabled his to spend far more time with his family than he had been spending with them when the clan resided in Wichita.

In Virginia, he was able to attend ball games and teacher’s conferences again where he hadn’t been able to do that before.

Neither Tiahrt nor Moran mentioned the other by name in their public remarks. But spokesmen for both camps said the two men were speaking of each other.

Polls show the race is close.

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