Opinion column. Five Reasons Why ObamaCare Is Still Alive: Nazarene Church, Garmin, Sprint, Zurich, Midland Loan — by Benjamin Hodge

When Good Men Do Nothing.

Your efforts today may greatly decrease the likelihood that ObamaCare will become law.  I do not consider it to be too late to make a positive difference on behalf of freedom.

The following five national/international businesses are influential in local politics all around America, and, unacceptably, they refuse to oppose this anti-liberty legislation: the Nazarene Church (Mid-America Nazarene University)Garmin InternationalSprintZurich North America, and Midland Loan Services (PNC Real Estate).

Each of those five businesses has a leading employee on the board of one of two large local chambers of commerce in Kansas – the Olathe Chamber and the Overland Park Chamber – and neither chamber is willing to take a position on ObamaCare.  The US Chamber and the Kansas Chamber (state-wide) both oppose the Democratic legislation.

Any one or two of those corporations – again, the Nazarene Church (Mid-America Nazarene University)Garmin InternationalSprintZurich North America, and Midland Loan Services (PNC Real Estate) - could force a vote on the matter, but they are intentionally doing nothing.  One wonders in how many other cities this is also the case, particularly in areas that are represented by vulnerable Democratic congressmen and congresswomen.

At this moment, these major corporations could be providing needed support on behalf of the small businesses who are fighting against ObamaCare.  Instead, they are intentionally choosing to remain on the sidelines, where it appears safe.

The thing is, nobody “doesn’t have an opinion” on this damaging, far-reaching legislation.  These companies have an opinion, but they refuse to make their opinion known.  They are more interested in “playing it safe” in the short-term and in being liked by the local liberal elite class, than in representing the interests of Americans during a time when their leadership is needed in order to stop this anti-business legislation.

Kansas’ Third Congressional District has been held for a decade by liberal “Blue Dog” Democrat Dennis Moore.  Instrumental in electing and re-electing Dennis Moore have been liberal leaders within the Olathe the Overland Park Chambers.  While their current inaction is not surprising, it is nonetheless unacceptable.

The Olathe Chamber’s current chairman is Kevin Gilmore, a vice president at Mid-America Nazarene.  In 2008, Gilmore joined Senator Sam Brownback in going against Kansans for Life and endorsed an unknown District Attorney candidate, who within six months of being a first-time elected official proved to be corrupt.  Oddly, the Olathe Chamber is honored by the US Chamber as being ranked among the top 1% of all local chambers of commerce.  Laurie Minard of Garmin International sits on the chamber’s executive board.  It’s chair-elect is an executive at Bank of Blue Valley, which was Kansas City’s first bailout recipient, and whose CEO is Bob Regnier, a local support of the ACLU-like “Mainstream Coalition.”

The Overland Park Chamber’s leadership includes:

I encourage you to contact these business groups, and ask them why they support ObamaCare, through their intentional inaction.  Tell them to start supporting the interests of their customers and of all businesses, small and large.

At this moment, the language of the legislation is being drafted behind closed doors by very liberal Democrats, whose values do not represent mainstream America.  To get majority votes on the final legislation, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will need every possibly vote of less-liberal congressional Democrats, many of whom are vulnerable as they run for re-election in 2010.  We know that Pelosi is on record as stating that it’s OK with her that House Democrats will lose seats, but we also know that, individually, Democratic congressmen don’t share her “take it for the team” mentality.

There is no evidence to suggest that ObamaCare will improve our nation or provide a net improvement to health care.  Meanwhile, there is ample evidence to suggest that the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda will damage health care, will hurt the economy, and will intentionally and unnecessarily lead to a government-run monopoly.

On top of that, there are the various offensive elements of the legislation, such as the mandated abortion funding in the Senate bill, and the exclusive exemption for the Amish, and possibly Christian Scientists.

This is not health “reform.”  Some headlines read “health overhaul,” and that is closer to the truth.

This legislation can still be defeated, but freedom-loving Americans must continue to work diligently.

Originally published at Race42012.com.


Benjamin Hodge publishes KansasProgress.com, based in Greater Kansas City. From 2005-2009, Hodge was a trustee at Johnson County Community College (JCCC), representing 300,000 voters and 40,000 students. He was a state representative from 2006-2008 and was elected in 2008 as a delegate to the Kansas Republican PartyHodge’s record is recognized by AFP, the NRA, the Kansas Press Association, the Kansas Association of Broadcasters, Kansans for Life, and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Connect with Hodge on Facebook, at Hodge’s Web site, and on Twitter at @benjaminhodge.

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