Rasmussen — Most Voters Still Say Bailouts Were a Bad Idea

Voters are evenly divided on the short-term economic impact of the bailouts. But they see the long-term impact as decidedly negative.

On a short-term basis, 38% think they helped the economy, and 35% say they hurt. However, looking longer-term, 54% say the bailouts hurt while just 27% believe they helped.

Most Democrats believe that the bailouts helped the economy in both the short-term and the long-term.
Republicans, by a 47% to 23% margin, believe that the bailouts hurt in the short-term. When looking longer term, 74% of GOP voters say the bailouts hurt.
Voters not affiliated with either major party are fairly evenly divided about the short-term impact of the bailouts. However, by a 60% to 17% margin, unaffiliated voters believe the bailouts will hurt the economy in the longer-term.
Thirty-six percent (36%) of voters believe it’s at least somewhat likely that the bailout money will be repaid. Sixty percent (60%) say repayment’s not likely. Those figures include 10% who believe repayment is Very Likely and 22% who say it’s Not at All Likely.

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