Lenexa News Release: Snow response Jan. 6 2010

During snow storms and other winter weather like we’ve experienced during the past few weeks, our crews work around the clock to clear our public roads of snow and treat them for ice. Our crews are highly skilled professionals and extremely dedicated to making the streets safer for you to travel.

You can help our crews expedite the work and stay safe by following a few simple tips:

    • Park your car in your driveway and off the street (it’s difficult for the large snowplows to get through when cars are parked on the street)
    • Stay back about 30 feet from a snowplow
    • Avoid passing or driving along side snowplow trucks.

The Lenexa Municipal Services Department is responsible for snow and ice control of public roadways within the city limits. Their goal is to plow or treat the streets as soon as possible after the end of the storm, or within 24 hours after a major storm event.

Crews place the highest priority on major streets such as arterials and collectors (main roads that lead to arterials and have many side streets) to enable emergency service providers such as fire, ambulance and police, safe access to protect the public, and because those streets serve a greater number of motorists. Second priority is given to lesser traveled residential streets, including cul-de-sacs.

The current storm could produce 3-6 more inches of snow on top of what already exists. Forecasters also predict strong winds, which could cause near-blizzard conditions with drifting and blowing snow, as well as dangerously low wind-chill temperatures.

When temperatures dip into the single digits and below, the de-icing material used to treat streets in winter storms becomes less effective, particularly on less traveled residential streets and cul-de-sacs. Please use caution when driving on these streets.

Learn more about Lenexa’s snow and ice control plan and find additional tips for how you can help on the city’s web site. Questions about snow removal and ice control may be directed to the Municipal Services Department at 913.477.7880.

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