City of Olathe: Crews Begin Tackling Latest Snow

For Immediate Release

Crews Begin Tackling Latest Snow 4:30 p.m.Update
With snow beginning to accumulate on streets, Olathe snow crews have already been mobilized. Crews began pre-treating streets this morning and are now shifting to plowing with the initial primary focus on major streets and collector roads. Later this afternoon, crews will begin plowing residential streets followed by cul-de-sacs in the early evening.

Olathe is using a fleet of 27 large plows, each with the responsible for maintaining approximately 45 lane miles of major roads and residential collector streets. In addition, the City uses 20 smaller trucks focusing on over 1,500 Olathe cul-de-sacs. City crews will work around the clock with individual drivers working twelve-hour shifts. Major arterials streets are their first priority followed by collector/business streets then residential streets including cul-de-sacs.

There are over 1,400 lane miles of streets to plow in Olathe, and during the recent snow, over 1,650 tons of salt were applied and over 120 tons of sand/salt mix. Prior to today’s storm about 18.5 inches of snow has fallen in Olathe since Christmas Eve, and 3,235 man hours have been spent clearing and removing snow.

Crews will continue working around the clock until storm clean-up is complete. In order to help best clear their streets, all residents are asked to park vehicles in driveways if possible.

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