Update on J.R. Claeys: He’s not going anywhere, will remain in the Secretary of State’s race; Bill Graves rumor not true

On December 23, we published an article, “Analysis – Pressure will grow on Secretary of State candidate J.R. Claeys to drop out of GOP primary.”

There is one update and one correction offered by J.R. Claeys.

In part, the original article said:

Kobach is well-known around the entire state.  Kobach has near-universal name ID in Kansas’ Third Congressional District, the largest of four districts.  Meanwhile, J.R. Claeys has a few legitimate disadvantages:

  1. He’s never held elected office.
  2. A decade ago he was an active Democrat, campaigning for Democrats.  This is hardly unforgivable, considering that Claeys was college-aged at the time, but it’s not particularly helpful to have on one’s resume during a first-time campaign.
  3. According to Claeys, former Governor Bill Graves encouraged Claeys to run.  The Republican Graves was a key reason why Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius was first elected in 2002; only reluctantly and after a long delay did Graves endorse the Republican nominee, then-State Treasurer Tim Shallenburger.

Claeys says:

  1. Bill Graves: it’s a rumor, and an incorrect one.  Former Kansas Governor Bill Graves did not encourage Claeys to run.
  2. Claeys is not going anywhere, and will be staying in the primary race against fellow Republican Kris Kobach.

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