Daniel Gilyeat for Congress: Is this Government Putting Americans at Risk by Ignoring Terror Watch Violations?

We had a real Christmas miracle with the safe landing of Flight 253 on Christmas Day in Detroit, no thanks to our Terror Watch List. Two hundred and eighty nine souls are still alive on this earth, thanks to the heroic act of one, as yet, unidentified passenger. A young man, Umar Abdulmutallab, who’s only thoughts, seemed to be to end those very lives including his own, still lives. Secretary Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security, assures us that this was an isolated incident, just one lone 23 year old man with high explosives hidden in a syringe in his underwear. We are being told, “Nothing to see here, move along”.

The terrorist, excuse me, I mean alleged terrorist, is in custody with something called “serious charges” filed against him. He has a court appointed attorney paid for by the taxpayers. He was arrested and will be sent to a Federal prison again at taxpayer expense. No Gitmo or torture for this man to ferret out the truth. No military in-depth probing to get to the bottom of this man’s desire to end American lives. (All puns intended) The Christmas miracle continues.

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