Corporate Responsibility in Sports During Recession — Tim Joyce

Would it be that much of a financial burden for Nike to open a few American manufacturing plants and offer thousands of jobs and let hard working citizens start their American dreams? The same dreams that Knight was able to realize while attending Stanford. It’d be an infinitesimal, nearly irrelevant portion of Nike’s bottom line for it to happen.

But hey, he’s just doing what every other shrewd company does – find the best and cheapest labor, right? Yet this isn’t necessarily the case. New Balance, for example, manufactures a sizeable percentage of their shoes in New England, where the company was founded more than a century ago. It’s true their shoes cost slightly more but it hasn’t hurt their bottom line as the company is quite successful. I know, it gets confusing and downright exhausting, deciding on what to eat, wear and use when trying to buy just American.

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