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This is truly amazing.  It is like the rocks crying out or Balaams talking donkey.

The KC Star is by no means a conservative newspaper but yet here is the entire front page and four full pages devoted to the new slavery in the U.S.  For the next five days four KC Star investigative reporters will tell what they discovered.  I hope they gain national attention.

Today’s Sunday edition had six reports with charts and maps showing the who , what and where of  the flow of slaves to the U.S. They show how 83% of U.S. slavery is sex slavery. 92% is female.  This is exhaustive. One of the reporters, Laura Bauer, has been following and reporting on the work here in Kansas for a number of years.  There is a wind blowing….

I often ask news reporters about the frequency of sexual crime and moral failure stories. Is this reality? Are you just selling papers with sensational stories?  More often than not their reply is that when it comes to sexual crimes and misconduct they prioritize their stories to persons in positions in public trust or else sex sexual crimes would crowd out all other news.

Recently I had a County Attorney tell me that he wondered what types of crimes would be the bulk of his prosecutions.  He thought that illegal drugs would be the bulk of his case load but he soon discovered it was sexual crimes. KC STAR STORY # 1 LINK KC STAR STORY # 2 LINK

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