Glenn Beck — Glenn apologizes…sort of

Glenn apologizes…sort of Tiger Woods isn’t the only one with a scandal on his hands, Glenn has one too. Yes, Glenn has been caught talking about one of his radio sponsors! The horrors!  We know the nitwits on the left are desperate to convict Glenn of something, anything–and this is apparently the best they have. The charge?  Glenn actually believes in a product and company he talks about.  And he says that company is a sponsor every day.  Some would call this honesty in advertising…but not the left.  (Judging by their ratings, perhaps they’re not familiar with the concept of advertising at all.)  Should Glenn only talk about companies and products that he doesn’t believe in?  We’re not sure. So, just for the morons out there complaining about Glenn and Gold, here is his ‘apology’ in the latest Beck Talks video blog.  WATCH

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