Civil Society Trust — Demint 1, Bernanke 0

The bait-and-switch performed last fall under the financial doomsday scenario scare tactics described above is nothing short of criminal.   Recent reports of TARP’s supposed effectiveness miss Demints crucial point:   The unprecedented program was passed using scare tactics for an implementation plan that was quickly  abandoned following its passage. Yet in “fool-’em-once-fool-’em-again” fashion, President Obama has the audacity to now want to take $200 billion of these TARP funds and throw it at other sectors and politically expedient portions of our economy.   But we won’t call it a “stimulus”…

Demint continued:

“For me perhaps the biggest failure, in the Federal Reserve, in the political side here in Washington, is that, amid all these failures, the politicians, the folks in the Administration and Federal Reserve, have claimed credit for saving the system, while blaming capitalism and unrestrained free markets for our problems.   That has justified the positions that are now being taken here in the Congress in many ways, to come back and even extend the control, the intrusion of the Federal Government further into the private sector.  I think you’ve been a big part of orchestrating that, and shifting the blame onto the private sector.

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