Minutemen PAC — Illegal alien money paid for Obama’s campaign

UNCOVERED: Obama’s Campaign Benefited from Illegal Alien Union Dues! Fellow Patriot,

Why are we not surprised?! Barack Obama and his leftist administration have refused to officially close the loophole in ObamaCare on health care for illegal aliens. Obama refuses to effectively secure the borders. And now he’s promising a massive amnesty bill in early 2010!


Now we know . . .

Recently uncovered video footage shows officials from SEIU–one of the largest and most aggressive labor unions in the country–admitting that many of their union members are illegal aliens. And as members of SEIU, illegal alien workers pay union dues!!!


Eliseo Medina, Executive Vice President of SEIU, revealed, “SEIU is the largest union of immigrant workers in the country. A number of them are ‘undocumented’ [illegal].”

We already know about SEIU’s undue influence on the Obama Administration. As many at Fox News have uncovered, Obama’s ties to ACORN and SEIU are more than just a mere acquaintance.

During the 2008 presidential campaigns, SEIU joined ACORN in spending millions of dollars in union dues to pay over 3,000 workers to campaign in battleground states and over 100,000 of their members knocking on doors and making phone calls for Barack Obama!!!

In fact, Barack Obama, SEIU, and ACORN are joined at the hip, and Obama is hell-bent on executing their socialist agenda.

THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! BLAST-FAX CONGRESS NOW! So, it comes as no surprise at all that Obama is pushing a radical agenda of blanket amnesty and easy access to free health care for illegal aliens. He has been bought by illegal aliens’ union dues and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of SEIU and ACORN!!!

SEIU has been at the forefront of support for Obama’s socialist agenda and has spent untold fortunes promoting amnesty, government health care, nationalization of banks and other corporations, massive tax increases, and the list goes on.

We MUST NOT stand for this corruption!

Minuteman PAC is demanding a full investigation by the Congress into illegal campaign donations and blatant violation of federal immigration law by SEIU officials.

In the video footage we see Barack Obama celebrating with SEIU thugs and pledging to “paint the nation purple with SEIU”> … the color of SEIU’s logo.

Join us by blast-faxing the petition demanding an investigation now!!!

We CANNOT let a our republican form of government continue its slide into kleptocratic control by special interest socialists! It’s your country! Take it back!

We’re continuing to monitor this story and the development of investigations. And that’s why we need your help to keep the pressure on them!

Stand with us and help us send a clarion call, a cry from the patriot American heart, to Congress that this disgusting display of political corruption WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN in November of next year, NOR IN 2012! For the Republic,

Brett Farley
Executive Director
Minuteman PAC P.S. Newly revealed video proves that Barack Obama’s campaign benefited from a massive infusion of unions dues from illegal aliens via his ties with SEIU, one of the country’s largest and most socialist unions. We cannot tolerate this corruption! Join us as we BLAST CONGRESS WITH OUR PETITIONS DEMANDING A FULL INVESTIGATION!

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