Leavenworth County GOP, with speaker Kevin Yoder — How are they spending your tax money?

Representative Kevin Yoder will be at the Lansing Community Center on Monday night at 7pm.

Come spend an evening among friends and fellow citizens who share your concerns and frustrations about the Kansas financial mess.

As the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee in the Kansas Legislature, Kevin has a powerful influence on how your tax money is spent. Find out if the state legislators plans on asking you for more money.

The Kansas budget is currently in the red, but must be balanced by the end of the legislative session. How do our legislators plan on fixing this problem? Would you like your opinion to be heard. (Remember – Your silence is your consent).

With the economy in a down turn and with money tight all aound, do you really have enough to send more to Topeka?

It is time to get informed and to get involved in the political process. Make your views known to those who represent us in Topeka.

Come join with us and meet other concerned voters like yourself. Bring your friends and neighbors with you! They have a vested interest as well.

Register Now!

Get involved. Make a difference.
See you on Monday!


John Bradford
Leavenworth County Republican Party

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