Patricia Lightner, 3rd District GOP Candidate — One Year From Today

Today, Americans in various locations across the country are casting their votes in the first major elections since the Democrats took control of both the White House and Congress. Most eyes are focused on three races in particular — the Gubernatorial races in both Virginia and New Jersey, and the special Congressional election in New York’s 23rd District – all areas that Obama carried just 12 months ago.
The race in New York is particularly inspiring because it is a case of conservatives – and more importantly, conservative principles – winning the day over power brokers and the establishment trying to give us a choice that was really no choice at all.. As I said in this “Ask Patricia” response to Mary Ann prior to Scozzafava dropping out, I believe that in order for Republicans to have long term success, the term “Republican” must be defined by a belief in certain core principles and ideas.

As you know, I’ve been discussing these core principles as I’ve been campaigning for the 3rd District. I have talked about my belief in limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty – all of which are being cast aside as the Democrats attempt to implement their vision for America, most recently found in their 2,000 page guide to socialized medicine that is Nancy Pelosi’s health care “reform” bill.

The good news is that today also marks the one year point from which this all can and will change. In one year, the mid term elections will present our first and, quite possibly, our only opportunity to reverse course on the path the Democrats seem so determined to take us down.

In one year, we can stop talking about government taking over health care, and start talking about free market solutions which will expand the market and give individuals more choice while lowering costs and increasing the quality of care.

In one year, we can stop talking about tax increases and begin to usher in a new era where we embrace the entrepreneur by lowering taxes, getting government out of the way, and letting businesses flourish.

In one year, we can stop the encroachment on states’ rights, and return to the principles of the Tenth Amendment, meaning the rights of the states and the people will again be respected.

Achieving this goal will not be an easy task, and we can do our part here in the 3rd District. Please consider joining my campaign today as a precinct captain and assist me in covering this district door-to-door over the next 12 months. I need someone in every precinct to make sure every voter hears our message of liberty. E-mail my campaign today at and we will provide you the tools necessary to canvass your neighborhood between now and next November.

In addition, this task will take significant resources. Once they realize Moore’s days are numbered, the Democrats will pull out all the financial stops to try to keep him in office. I can counter that but only if I have the contributions to compete with what will surely be an onslaught of negative ads – so please consider contributing today.
Thank you again for being part of my effort to reclaim the 3rd District.
Patricia Lightner Candidate for Congress

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