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Today, as the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee began hearings on the job-killing tax increase called cap-and-trade, we’re in South Carolina holding Hot Air Tour events targeted at Sen. Lindsey Graham on this very issue.

Last night in Spartanburg, 215 grassroots activists rallied at the county fairgrounds to ride our 7-story-high Hot Air Tour balloon and to send a crystal clear message to Sen. Graham to oppose cap-and-trade.  The event was extra special to me because I grew up near Spartanburg and my dad, brother and sister were at the rally! Even better, afterwards I took our Americans for Prosperity road warriors back to my mom and dad’s house for some serious down-home Southern cooking — fried chicken, pan-fried okra, sweet creamed corn, deep dish macaroni and cheese, and strawberry cobbler.

Spartanburg Hot Air Tour Stop

You may have seen the New York Times op-ed that Sen. Graham co-authored with John Kerry, the left-wing senator from Massachusetts, in support of cap-and-trade measures.  Sen. Graham says he believes in free markets and calls himself a fiscal conservative, so how he can support such an enormous tax-and-spend special interest bill is beyond me. And the hundreds of great South Carolina AFP activists I’m meeting on the road feel exactly the same way.

In Spartanburg, an 81-years-young grassroots organizer and legendary local leader named Walter McSherry pointed out how cap-and-trade will kill over 20,000 South Carolina jobs in the first decade alone while raising utility rates by as much as 80%.  Then, we asked the entire crowd to pull out their cell phones and we filled up Sen. Graham’s in-state and Washington office voice mails.  CLICK here for pictures of events in Spartanburg and Columbia this morning.

As I mentioned earlier, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee gets first crack at cap-and-trade.  CLICK here to take a look at the committee.  If your senator is on the committee, call or email them today by clicking here.  Tell them to vote NO in committee.  For more details on this terrible legislation, visit our website at

Once we finish in South Carolina (last event is Wednesday morning in Myrtle Beach), I’m heading to Arkansas for town hall meetings on the health care takeover with the newest Fox News personality — our good friend, John Stossel.

You can join us Thursday for a special tele-town hall meeting at 2pm EST by calling in to (888) 886-6603 with extension #13556.  John and I will be updating you on the health care takeover and he will tell us more about his new role at Fox News.

Our town hall meetings are in Texarkana, Little Rock and Jonesboro.  Arkansas has 2 swing senators on health care and the leader of the so-called “Blue Dog” Democrats in Congressman Mike Rogers, so it’s a crucial state in the health care battle.

I usually try to keep these emails on one topic, but health care and cap-and-trade are both just so crucial to the future of our country and our economic freedoms.  Much is at stake in the next few weeks so let’s keep up the fight.

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PS:  Remember to join us for the special tele-town hall with John Stossel on Thursday at 2pm EST by calling (888) 886-6603 and dialing extension #13556 .  To make sure we have enough lines ready, please let us know you’re going to join us by clicking here.  I think you’ll find this call helpful and interesting.

Finally, one last thing — make sure you join in the “Congressional House Call” day on November 5.  For more information on this crucial and exciting day Click here.

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