Team Toomey week in review 10/23/09

Time is flying by on the campaign trail. I can’t believe it’s already been six months since Pat announced his candidacy back in April. We’re charging full steam ahead at Team Toomey to get Pat elected next year, but many of you have been incredibly helpful in getting out the vote for Pennsylvania candidates up for election next month.

Our campaign has housed a tremendous GOTV effort and we’d like to thank all who have been able to come to our headquarters, make calls and knock on doors.

This week Pat was on the road quite a bit. He addressed the GOP faithful at dinners in Chester County and Montgomery County. And he met with friends and supporters in Tioga, Lycoming, Butler and Lawrence Counties. (Check out the pictures from the events here.)

Pat’s wife, Kris, had some big news this week as well. She announced on our website on Monday that she and Pat are expecting another child in May. We’re all very excited for Pat and Kris. Can’t wait for another Toomey to be running around our offices!

Don’t forget to check in with our campaign every day at There you can catch up on the latest news and updates from our team. We encourage you to comment on our blog pages, scan our events pages and endorse Pat if you haven’t done so yet.

Thanks to all for your hard work and continued support,


Peter Towey
Field Director
Toomey for Senate

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