Jerry Moran — State of the Race


“In the race to replace Sam Brownback in the U.S. Senate, Rep. Jerry Moran widened the campaign funding gap between himself and fellow Kansas Republican Rep. Todd Tiahrt, according to documents filed Thursday with federal election officials.

Moran reported to the Federal Election Commission that he has more than $3.4 million in cash on hand, up from $3.1 million at the end of July. Tiahrt began and ended the reporting period with about $1.4 million available.

For the period through the end of September, Moran’s campaign said he raised more than $520,000, while spending a little more than $181,000. Tiahrt reported raising more than $341,000, and spending $353,500.”

“Senate Hopefuls in Kansas report on fundraising,” Associated Press, 10/15/09


Moran outraised Tiahrt for the third consecutive fundraising quarter. Also, Moran is raising substantial funds while keeping spending down, therefore being able to widen his cash-on-hand total. Meanwhile, this quarter Tiahrt actually spent more money than he raised.
Moran now holds a funds-on-hand advantage of over $2 Million. During the 3rd quarter, Moran’s cash-on-hand went up by over $340,000. Meanwhile, Tiahrt’s cash-on-hand went down by over $10,000.


Recently, SurveyUSA did a poll released on 10/5/09 showing Moran leading
Tiahrt by 16 points.

In the poll, Jerry holds a decisive lead among various constituencies. He holds large leads by gender, party affiliation, ideology, and nearly all age groups. One important highlight from the survey: in the pivotal battleground of Northeast Kansas, Jerry leads Congressman Tiahrt by 23 points.

The results outlined in the poll and fundraising totals show that Jerry Moran has a tremendous advantage in the race for U.S. Senate. Thanks to your generous support, Jerry is raising the funds necessary to mount a full-fledged campaign against any Republican or Democrat opponent. You can help continue the strong momentum and join Jerry’s team today.

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