Editorial — “Other” on Senator Julia Lynn poll promoting new taxes

Ninth District Kansas Senator Julia Lynn wants you to take a poll on new taxes, where the choices are, effectively, the following four options: “yes” and “yes” and “oh man, yes” and “enter your thoughts.”

The actual question asked by Senator Lynn is, “To fund roads and bridges in Kansas, what would you support?”  The options given are:

  1. “A quarter cent sales tax”
  2. “A six cents gas tax”
  3. “Both”
  4. “Other”

One is allowed to also enter comments next to “other.”

At this time this article is written, there have been 70 votes, and “other” is winning with 37 votes, or 53%.

Why would a Republican Senator not offer “no” for an option on a poll about tax increases?  From the contents of a recent Email sent by Senator Lynn, it appears the answer is that she thinks that Kansans will benefit from new taxes.  Lynn writes, “A recent K-State study found every $1 invested in transportation infrastructure produces $3 of economic benefit as it produces a multiplier effect on housing, commerce, quality of life and education.”

Lynn needs an education on the Laffer Curve (below).

You can click here to take the poll or to see the results.  We’ve also embedded the poll below (same poll, either way).  You can vote as many times as you want.

The full recent Email from Senator Lynn is below, after the fold:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Visit our Website http://www.senatorjulialynn.com/

Dear FriendsIt’s hard to believe that the 2010 session is starting in 4 months. It seems  like yesterday we were busy wrapping up what would become known as “the session of the budget”. The saga will continue into 2010 as we respond to an unprecedented economic downturn, uncertain receipts and projections and another election cycle for the House and statewide races.As I have been home in my district and talked with many constituents, business groups, educators, and young people there is one over-riding question: Are you looking forward to going back to Topeka ? I can unequivocally answer a resounding YES! I believe that in many ways we are experiencing a “perfect storm” Many issues are already surfacing: closing a $580M deficit, further cuts in the budget, tax increases, corrections funding, job creation and economic development policy, disabilities and Senior and elderly waiver funding, Medicaid and healthcare and the development of funding for the 10 Year Transportation plan approved by the Senate last session.

I want to re-cap this issue for you and to ask you to participate in an informal poll regarding funding mechanisms that are being considered. Go to the poll at http://bit.ly/1p5vVO

Kansas has an inventory of some of the best roads in the county because of past legislative support.

This year’s proposed funding in SB 323 outlines both bonding and tax increases to fund another 10 year plan. I am encouraged that the plan includes not just maintenance and new road/bridge construction but also includes airport enhancements, rail expansion and maintenance. One of my concerns is the continuing rise in costs of owning and operating a car in Kansas — now at $675 per month. I am encouraged that the 10 year plan includes recognition of the need to improve mobility and think differently about using rail as a passenger alternative. A good plan will protect our investments,improve highway safety, create jobs, and help to expand our economy. A recent K-State study found every $1 invested in transportation infrastructure produces $3 of economic benefit as it produces a multiplier effect on housing, commerce, quality of life and education

Funding a transportation program will be an economic and political challenge this will require tough decisions in tough times.  I would like your input as I move closer to my return to the Senate Floor in January. Please respond to my poll and also feel free to email me any comments or suggestions you might have as to how we balance priorities in Topeka

Julia Lynn

KS StateSenator, 9th District

18837 W. 115thTerrace | Olathe, KS 66061 | 913.832.5311


Paid for by Julia Lynn for State Senate: Jay Davidson, CPA – Treasurer

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