Kansans for Life — The 2009 LIFE CHAIN will be on Sunday, October 4th

The 2009 LIFE CHAIN will be on Sunday, October 4th.

If you would like to know the location of the Life Chain nearest you, go to http://www.lifechain.net/

Be sure to place a notice in your church bulletin about the date, time, and location of the Life Chain in your community or the closest community.

Here’s a short announcement that can be made by your pastor on Sunday, October 4th.

“Today is Life Chain Sunday. We have to opportunity to tell all that human life is precious. We love babies. We love mothers. We love families. The Life Chain is at ( location ) and starts at ( time ) and last till ( time ). I’m going to the Life Chain and I hope you do to!”

SIGNS for the Life Chain

Many organizers already have Life Chain signs. However, you can make your own or encourage a group in your church to make signs – particularly a youth group. They are more likely to come to the Life Chain if they made their own signs.

Options for signs are:

Abortion Hurts Women

Jesus Loves Babies

Jesus Heals

Babies are Precious

When making signs, remember to use as few words as possible and make the letters as large as possible so that drivers can read them. It is best to make several of the same sign to help readers.

If you would like to get the names of the people who are participating in the Life Chain, just call us and we can send you some cards for people to fill out. They have prayers on the reverse side.

We also have Life Chain signs for free if you need them.

New Life Chains this year will be in Beloit and Wathena. If you have trouble finding a Life Chain, call us at 1-800-928-5433 and we will help you.

Yours for LIFE,

David Gittrich

State Development Director


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