Rasmussen — Election 2010: Texas Republican Primary, Hutchison Catches Perry to Make Texas GOP Gov Race a Toss-Up

The volatile 2010 Republican Primary race for governor in Texas has become a toss-up, with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison currently inching ahead of incumbent Rick Perry by two points – 40% to 38%.

A new Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 telephone survey of Texas GOP Primary voters finds just three percent (3%) support Debra Medina, a tea party activist who joined the GOP race this month. But 19% are not sure who they favor.

Perry led Hutchison by 10 points in mid-July – 46% to 36%. In May, however, Perry led just 42% to 38%. This is the first survey that includes Medina.

Perry now leads among men, while Hutchison has the edge among likely women primary voters. The incumbent leads among those who identify themselves as conservatives, while Hutchison is ahead among party moderates and liberals.

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