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Embattled ACORN orders independent investigation

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

WASHINGTON (AP) - An advocacy group under fire after employees were caught on camera appearing to advise a couple posing as a prostitute and pimp to lie about the woman’s profession to get housing help said Wednesday it is ordering an independent investigation.

Breaking — Sun employee: Inheritor-seller-”chairman”-now-publisher of Johnson County Sun Steve Rose may run for Congress

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

According to a current employee of The Johnson County Sun, Steve Rose — the publisher of The Sun that many call liberal and some even consider fascist — may run for US Congress against Dennis Moore.

We’ll have more details as they’re available.

Rose would have instant near-universal name ID, but not the type that he may prefer, if he runs as a Republican.

Rose is known to be a constant critic of the “religious right,” but Rose believes in the theory of global warming, a faith-based argument rejected by many Republicans.

Rose is known to not only criticize conservatives, but to fabricate information about conservatives in order to attempt to mold public opinion.

Rose claims to respect pro-life individuals, but he regularly attacks politicians who attempt to strengthen and enforce pro-life laws.

Rose claims to support public education, but he opposes school choice laws that would allow parents to choose where to send their children to school.  Because of his wealth — he inherited much of it from his father, who founded The Johnson County Sun – Rose could afford to send at least one child to the expensive area private school Pembroke Hill.

Rose claimed to be named a “Johnson Countian of the Year” by the non-profit Johnson County Community College Foundation in the 1990s, and The Sun annually publishes a story on the winner of the “award.”  Current leadership of the JCCC Foundation includes Bob Regnier, whose Bank of Blue Valley was Greater Kansas City’s first bailout recipient.  It later became known that until around 2001, only two people — former liberal politician Dick Bond and former JCCC President Charles Carlsen — actually determined the winner of the “award.”  Dick Bond and Charles Carlsen also named themselves the “award winners” in two separate years in the 1990s.  Around 2006, four current and former female employees of JCCC accused Carlsen of sexual harrassment, and Carlsen abruptly resigned.

When the JCCC Board began an investigation into former President Charles Carlsen — Steve Rose, Dick Bond, Bob Regnier, Ed Eilert and most other “Johnson Countians of the Year” attempted to pressure the JCCC Board into stopping the investigation.  Bond later told current JCCC President Terry Calaway that Bond didn’t care what Carlsen had done, and that Bond would support Carlsen, regardless.

Rose’s mother is a board member of the ACLU-like “Mainstream Coalition,” formed by “Johnson Countian of the Year” Robert Meneilly, the former head pastor of Prairie Village Presbyterian Church.  The Mainstream Coalition is known to promote the theme that religion should be kept out of politics, yet Meneilly is not shy about reminding the public that his title is “Reverend.”  During the Kansas marriage amendment vote in 2005, as reported by The Kansas City Star, the Mainstream Coalition sent “spies” into evangelical churches to attempt to keep to a minimum the number of political-oriented discussions that took place during church services.  Under the First Amendment, political discussions are allowed to take place at events organized by churches and other non-profits.