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Editorial: Here are two local groups that consistently oppose capitalism and fight against small business interests.

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Now, they’re OK with the left-wing Democratic push to let Obama take over 1/6 of the national economy.

What does the Olathe Chamber of Commerce mean by it’s motto:  “One Vision. One Voice”?

Year after year, more Johnson Countians of all backgrounds — conservatives, libertarians, small business owners, parents of K-12 students, people struggling to pay their taxes — wonder, what purpose do groups like the Olathe Chamber of Commerce serve?  They say they’re “pro-business.” But are they?

These groups can always be counted on to oppose the ownership of private property, constantly ask for more taxes, oppose the ability for lower- and middle-class parents to choose where to send their children to school, oppose second amendment rights, and support waste and corruption in local government.  It is difficult to find a tax these groups don’t like, and it is difficult to find a part of the US Constitution that they do like.

Even their names are contradictory — “chambers of commerce.”  These groups fight passionately against capitalism — the vehicle that makes commerce possible.

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