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Editorial — More lies from Steve Rose, who appears scared of Rep. Patricia Lightner and not smart enough to debate her on facts

Friday, August 28th, 2009

As Kaw and Border puts it:  “Steve Rose lets voters know who he’s afraid of.”

First, let’s remember that Rose is the only publisher in the Midwest who is on record:

  • 1.  Going out of his way to try to stop a college’s investigation into the friend and former college president who was accused by four female employees of sexual harrassment, resulting in the immediate resignation of the president.
  • 2.  Energetically supporting the violation of the Kansas Open Meetings Act by a local government, when his friends are elected government officials.


Club for Growth — Cash-for-Clunkers Sales Disappoint Detroit

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Taxpayers are subsidizing Japan. From the Financial Times:

General Motors and Chrysler sales under the US “cash-for-clunkers” car scrappage incentives fell well below the two Detroit carmakers’ recent market shares, according to the government’s final summary of the scheme, which ended earlier this week.

Underscoring the challenges facing the two companies in the wake of their recent bankruptcy restructurings, the transportation department said that GM models made up 17.6 per cent of the 690,100 vehicles sold under the scheme, while Chrysler accounted for 6.6 per cent of sales.

By contrast, GM’s market share in the first seven months of 2009 was 19.6 per cent, and Chrysler’s 9.6 per cent, according to Autodata, a market-research company.

Toyota was the biggest beneficiary of the subsidies, with a 19.4 per cent market share. Chrysler ended in seventh place behind Nissan and South Korea’s Hyundai.

Club for Growth — Dumb Proposal 30,000 Feet in the Air

Friday, August 28th, 2009

If something is annoying, make it illegal! From USA Today:

Tired of overhead bins stuffed to the point of bursting, some frequent fliers say they would welcome a strictly enforced limit on the size of carry-ons that is being proposed in Congress. Legislation proposed by Rep. Dan Lipinski, D-Ill., would set a federal standard for the maximum size of bags a passenger can carry on board – a decision currently left to each airline.

“It’s clear if anything is going to be done, it’s going to take an act of Congress to do it,” says Lipinski, whose district includes Chicago’s Midway Airport. “The airlines are not enforcing their own restrictions that they have on the books right now … and that causes problems.”