Source: Leawood Mayor Peggy Dunn on Brownback “short list” of choices for Lieutenant Governor

According to a source, Senator Sam Brownback’s 2010 team is privately telling Kansas conservatives that Leawood Mayor Peggy Dunn is on the “short list” of choices for Brownback’s running mate.  The source thinks that Brownback wants to appoint a woman and a Johnson County resident.  If true, Brownback’s consideration of Dunn will likely be viewed by many conservatives as further evidence of the concern that Brownback is out of touch with conservative voters.

It is often said that Peggy Dunn is personally pro-life, but this is unconfirmed.  There’s no voting record to support the claim.  Indeed, one of the people promoting this theme is area liberal Steve Rose, who has a long record of lying when attempting to mold public opinion against conservatives and in support of liberals.

Where Dunn does have a public record, it is in disagreement with what many Republicans view to be mainstream.  As Mayor — through votes and by consistently giving tax money to the League of Kansas Municipalities — Dunn opposes spending and tax reforms, and Dunn supports the abusive, forcible taking of private property by cities, counties, and large developers (her family is in the construction business).

Many of Dunn’s supporters claim that she is a leader in charity and philanthropy.  But many Republicans are troubled by her record as a board member of the Johnson County Community College Foundation:
  • – Even though the non-profit foundation demands and receives $300,000 a year annually in tax money from the community college, it shows almost no consideration toward the interests of citizens when choosing membership.  During Dunn’s tenure on the board, members:
    • – Were disproportionally from northeast Johnson County or even from outside Johnson County.
    • – Too often were supportive the ACLU-like “Mainstream Coalition.”
    • – Were rarely pro-life.
    • – Were almost always fiscally liberal.
    • – Almost universally opposed the freedom for all parents — not just the rich — to choose where to educate their children.
  • – Dunn supported as chairman of the foundation Bob Regnier, whose Blue Valley Bank was Kansas City’s first bailed-out bank under TARP.  Regnier is a strong supporter of the left-wing Mainstream Coalition, which attempted to bully conservative churches in 2005 during the campaign for the marriage amendment.  Regnier financially supported a group calling itself the “Kansas Traditional Republican Majority,” which in 2008 labeled Jim Ryun and the Family Research Council as “racists,” without evidence.  A former elected Blue Valley School Board member, Regnier’s choice for superintendent famously told one family “You’ll have to sue us” to get the desired education for their special-needs daughter.
  • – In 2006, four women accused former JCCC President Charles Carlsen of sexual harrassment.  Carlsen abruptly resigned.  Former politician and foundation member Dick Bond — who later told now-President Terry Calaway, “I don’t care what Carlsen did, because he’s a friend and I’ll support him” — convinced most of the “Johnson Countians of the Year” to issue a letter to elected trustees at the college, pressuring the trustees to end investigations into Carlsen.  The trustees ignored the letter.  Most of these award-winners were selected by only two people —  Charles Carlsen and Dick Bond — and they were all still considered “leaders” within the foundation by Dunn and other board members.  The only newspaper that printed the pro-Carlsen letter was the paper formerly owned by Steve Rose, who was named “Johnson Countian of the Year” by Carlsen and Bond in the 1990s, and who signed the letter.  Dunn did nothing to reform the foundation during or after the attempt by Bond, Regnier, and others to protect their friend Carlsen.
  • – The 2008 “Johnson Countian of the Year” was Carlsen’s 2006 attorney Fred Logan.  Dunn and her husband are this year’s recipients of the foundation award.


Leawood Mayor Peggy Dunn

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